As a business owner, you know that your team is the backbone of any company. Whether it’s people who work for you or on your team, they are essential to success. But what types of people do you need? This blog post will go over the five different types of people you might want on your team and how each one can help make a difference in your business!


  1. The Analytical Type

The Analytical Type is great to have on your team because they will keep up with all of the data that comes into the company. Whether it’s keeping track of revenue or analyzing trends in social media, this type of team member can see numbers others might miss.


  1. The Organized Type

The Organized Type also has a knack for numbers, but instead of seeing them, they can keep track of them. They are great with filing sales reports and keeping up the books – basically making sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle that could potentially hurt the business!


  1. The Action-Oriented Type

If you need someone to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, this is the person you want on your team! They are not afraid of anything, and they will be able to handle whatever comes their way. When things heat up, or there’s a problem, there’s no one who can remain calm like them.


  1. The Communicative Type

The Communicative Type is the person you want to have on your team if there’s a crisis or serious issue. They are professional and will know how to keep everyone calm while strategizing an action plan. In addition, they can be great for holding everyone accountable – including themselves!


  1. The Strategic Type

Last but certainly not least is the Strategic Type. This kind of team member is great to have on your side for brainstorming and working through big decisions and changes with the company. They are creative, innovative, and know-how to see things from all angles.



Many people think that having a diverse team with different people can be great for any company. It means that there are many different perspectives to weigh in on business decisions, plus it breaks up the monotony of work! So if you’re looking for ways to improve your business, consider expanding your team with these five types of people. They can help move things forward and drive results.